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Life is worth much more than gold.” — Bob Marley

It didn’t take long for the crowd at the Paramount Theatre in Rutland to turn the century-old venue into a dance party Thursday night.

Shortly after taking their seats, patrons stood up again as The Wailers opened their show with “Soul Shakedown Party.”

The evening was filled with many classic songs as well as shouted phrases relating to the Rastafarian movement from frontman Josh David Barrett.

Original Wailers, their offspring and friends comprised the eight-player reggae ensemble that originated in Kingston, Jamaica, almost five decades ago.

The Wailers added a new member before their encore Thursday night by bringing toddler Kemani, a young fan from New York, on stage, led by

band member Junior Marvin. After the show, fans were able to meet and greet the band — posing for photos, giving thanks and some even sharing reggae music they’d created.


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